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What Components will I Need for My Shade**?

To determine the components you will need to create your roman shade, you need only know the finished width and length of the shade. When you determine how many of each component you will need, click on the highlighted shortcut to get more information about that component. Then enter the component information into your wish list or shopping cart (no sales are completed until you decide to finish the processing) to create an itemized list with costs. You can save this information for later use, purchase the components, or simply use the information for planning purposes.

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What about Headrails and Weight Bars?

We recommend that the headrail and the weight bar are made 1" narrower than the finished shade width.

How many Pulleys will I need?

To determine the number of pulleys and lift cords, find your shade width category in the table
- the number of pulleys and number of lift cords required is shown below the width categories.

How many Rings will I need?

Find the width category and length of shade in the chart below, the required number of rings is indicated.

How much 1.4 mm Lift Cord will I need?

Add the length of your shade and 1/2 of the width of your shade in inches and multiply this number by the number of pulleys from the table above. Divide this by 36 to convert to yards. Round up to the next higher number of yards. We recommend adding 20% as a contingency.

How much 1.8 mm Pull Cord will I need?

The amount of pull cord to order is the same as the length of the shade, rounded up to the next full yard.

What about other items?

You will also need a cord cleat, cord drop, and cord condenser for each shade. Outside mount shades require brackets - order 2 per shade plus an extra for each 36" of width over 40". Orbs can be used to replace knots at rings. The orbs allow quick and accurate leveling of the folds. Order the same number of orbs as pulleys.

We now exclusively offer threading needles to help make threading the lift cord through the safety loop cord even easier.

For an even easier approach, order a kit customized for your window size. Kits come complete with everything needed and fabrication dimensions are predetermined for you.

**All values provided above are based upon the Roman Quilt typical design (see fabrication instructions). The first row of rings is located 4" above the bottom of the shade. Each successive row is 8" above the next lower row. No rings are located within 8" of the top of the shade. Pulleys are located 2 1/2" in from the outside edges of the shade (lift cords are inset 2 1/2") for safety. Pulleys are located with no more than 16" between each (rows of rings are no more than 16" horizontally apart). Cord locks can be used in addition to the pulleys but a cord cleat is still recommended for safety.