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Outside Mount (OM)
(Self-Valance Applied to Headrail, customer provided)

Inside Mount (IM)

Measuring is the key to a successful window treatment. Please select from
Inside Mount, Outside Mount, or Inside/outside Mount options. Each has special design values.

Inside Mount fits within the window frame and is the most commonly used option. There must be sufficient depth to accomodate the headrail (generally 1 3/4" [includes 1 1/2" headrail and 1/4" shade fabric], but 1" is an option). No valance or top treatment is required. This is the easiest option to install. Since it fits within the window frame, it does not seal tightly. However, the fabrication dimensions are such that it is a snug fit.

Outside Mount usually fits on the window frame or a flat surface. It covers the entire window. If the headrail is in front (an optional fabrication technique), a top treatment or valance is required.

Inside/Outside Mount is a unique application of the Roman Quilt system. It is actually a hybrid of the inside and outside mount options. The shade's headrail fits within the window frame as if it were an inside mount. The width of the shade is fabricated as if it were an outside mount. This allows magnets to be installed at the edges just like the outside mount (optional). Since the shade does not cover the top molding, a top treatment is recommended. The primary benefit if the Inside/Outside option is the ease of installation.