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Roman Quilt Insulated Shades ®- Attractive, Durable, Easy to Make, and they Pay for Themselves

Modern windows are effective insulators and are often quoted as having R values of 2.5 and more.  The higher the R value, the more effective the management of heat through the window.  Roman Quilt Insulated Shades® rely upon several layers to provide additional insulating values.  The insulation layer works much the same way as wall insulation.  It creates trapped air pockets that serve as excellent insulators.  In addition, the insulating linings do the same.  As a product, and depending upon decorative fabric and installation techniques, Roman Quilt Insulated Shades® can increase the R value of a window by R-4 and more.

Of additional importance is the fact that the use of the Roman Quilt Insulation provides body and durability to the shade.  It actually hangs and folds better than standard roman shades, often without the need to staighten the folds when the shade is raised.  Our insulation layer does not add so much thickness as to make the shade seem bulky when raised.  

Perhaps of equal importance is the additional structure that the insulation provides.  Other roman shades rely upon complex additions of battens, etc., to help the shades look ok and work decently.  Not Roman Quilt Insulating Shades. No extra components are required.  This leads to quicker fabrication, a better appearance, and simpler operation.

The insulation and lining layers also help prevent damage to the decorative "face" fabric, even in the sunniest of locations.  Just another of the many unique benefits of our product.

For more about insulated roman shades, please read "DIY Roman Shades - The Case for Insulated Shades".

  Roman Quilt Insulated Shades® save you money and they are good for the environment.