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Our company believes safety comes first.  It is horrifying that young children have been injured and even killed as a result of older designs of some window treatments.  We are committed to making sure that the Roman Quilt Insulated Shade can be made so as to protect our children's safety.  The major culprit of older shade styles was the lift cord arrangement.  Often cords hung loosely at the back of shades and from the shades themselves.  A loop thus formed could be attractive to some children and intentionally, or by accident, children placed their heads within these loops.  

Our design guidelines and components, when used properly, avoid these tragedies.   The combination of the safety shroud looped cord, single cord pull, weight bar and the proper placement and use of cord cleats, as well as the protective cord placement assures safety. The Roman Quilt design incorporates engineered redundancies for the safety of our children.

Please be sure to use all components as they are intended - they are integrated for safety.  Also,  fabricate and install Roman Quilt Insulated Shades with children in mind.  Place shade pull cords on the opposite side of the window from cribs or beds.  Place the cord cleat out of reach of young children.  Keep furniture that can be climbed on away from windows.

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We've incorporated the safety into the design so you don't have to worry!!