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The inside mount is probably the most common.  It fits within the window frame and generally runs from the inner top of the window to the sill or other obstruction at the bottom, and within the width of the window.  You must keep in mind that the Roman Quilt Insulated Shade will likely be a rectangle that must fit snugly within in the window area.  The top of the treatment is the top of the headrail.  You will need to check to be sure that the headrail can fit within the window at the headrail's 1 1/2" inch depth plus 1/4" shade fabric (1 3/4" or more is ideal). Alternatively, the headrail can be turned on its edge so that it needs only 3/4 inch of depth or a total of 1".  We need to know if this is the case since the mounting holes and pulleys are installed differently than normal.   You will need to supply us this information as a "Special Instruction" note.

Width:  To measure the width, use an accurate tape measure and measure the width in each of three locations as shown above.  The finished width measure supplied will be the narrowest of the the three measurements.  We will make fabrication deductions.

Length: To measure the length, take three measurements as shown above.  The finished length will be the longest of the three measurements.

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Hint: You can copy the diagram above and use it to record your measurements.