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The outside mount is the second most common. It is mostly used because it covers the entire window. It generally runs from the top of the window molding or area to be covered ( which may be above the window) to the sill or other obstruction at the bottom. The width of the shade is the width to the outside edge of window molding or area to be covered. This allows flexible magnet strips (optional) to be installed on the edge of the molding to mate with magnet sections that are fabricated within the edges of the shade if desired. This type of installation can also be to the ceiling.

Width: To measure the width of the shade, use an accurate tape measure and measure the width in each of three locations as shown above. The width is to the outer edge of the window frame or molding or the area being covered. The finished width measure supplied will be the widest of the the three measurements. We will make no fabrication deductions.

Length: To measure the length, take three measurements as shown above. The finished length will be the longest of the three measurements. No deductions are made.

Note: Outside mount shades are normally fabricated the same as the inside mount option - the shade is typically just wider and perhaps longer. This will result in a space between the shade and the window near the top of the shade.

Other fabrication options are available to ensure that the shade remains as close to the window as possible. These require the headrail to be in front of the shade and are more complex to fabricate. A top-treatment may be required to hide the headrail.

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Hint: You can copy the diagram above and use it to record your measurements.