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Lining - Room Dimming - per 1/3 yard
Romansuede lining is a polyester product that is converted in the United States and includes a "single-pass" suede-like coating that provides effective insulation and keeps out about 40% of the incoming sunlight. It is classified as a room dimming product. It has been selected to provide the appearance, softness, and stability we want in a Roman Quilt Insulated Shade.

The Romansuede lining is white and is 54 inches wide (not counting the selvedge).

Romansuede lining is sold by the foot (1/3 yard).

  • For a more professional decorator appearance
  • 54" Wide
  • Excellent "hand"
  • One Pass - Room Dimming
  • Excellent insulator or sound barrier
  • White Roman Shade Lining
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Soft
  • Suede Finish
Standard Roman Shade Lining
Our Standard Lining is a high quality, medium weight lining that works extremely well as a backing for roman shades. It allows light through and provides a moderate level of insulation but excellent protection from sun damage. It is best used where a good solid lining is indicated but the insulation and light control properties of our other linings are not essential.

The Standard Lining comes in white and is 54 inches wide. It is 70/30 Polyester/Cotton.

Lining- Room Darkening - per 1/3 yard
Room darkening lining can keep out nearly all the light. We have selected a 3-pass product that is very effective. Room darkening lining provides a great deal of support but it is heavier than our room dimming lining. As a heavier fabric, it hangs very well but not as softly as the room dimming lining. It has a 54" width and is sold in 1 foot (1/3 yard) lengths.

  • 3 Pass Drapery Lining---Blackout
  • Width: 54"
  • Contents: polyester
  • Foamed Acrylic Backing
  • Finish: Soft suede
  • Properties: Light Barrier
  • Sound softening
  • Color: White with white thermal backing