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Lining - Room Dimming - per 1/3 yard
Romansuede lining is a polyester product that is converted in the United States and includes a "single-pass" suede-like coating that provides effective insulation and keeps out about 40% of the incoming sunlight. It is classified as a room dimming product. It has been selected to provide the appearance, softness, and stability we want in a Roman Quilt Insulated Shade.

The Romansuede lining is white and is 54 inches wide (not counting the selvedge).

Romansuede lining is sold by the foot (1/3 yard).

  • For a more professional decorator appearance
  • 54" Wide
  • Excellent "hand"
  • One Pass - Room Dimming
  • Excellent insulator or sound barrier
  • White Roman Shade Lining
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Soft
  • Suede Finish
Lining- Room Darkening - per 1/3 yard
Room darkening lining can keep out nearly all the light. We have selected a 3-pass product that is very effective. Room darkening lining provides a great deal of support but it is heavier than our room dimming lining. As a heavier fabric, it hangs very well but not as softly as the room dimming lining. It has a 54" width and is sold in 1 foot (1/3 yard) lengths.

  • 3 Pass Drapery Lining---Blackout
  • Width: 54"
  • Contents: polyester
  • Foamed Acrylic Backing
  • Finish: Soft suede
  • Properties: Light Barrier
  • Sound softening
  • Color: White with white thermal backing