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Decorative Fabrics Add the Beauty
Movable Insulation - Movable Art

Roman Quilt Insulated Shades® can add a very special touch to any decor. The selection of the decorative face fabric is critical to the final look. The beauty of our product is that you can use nearly any fabric you'd like to feature. The amount of fabric used is small in comparison to other window treatments such as draperies and panels. In fact, you will only need a cut of fabric that is about 3" wider than your finished width and about 5" longer than the finished length - although you will need to be sure to have enough to match the patterns in each shade.

The fabric types that can be used are limited only by your imagination - and a few rules. The weights that are easiest to work with and that hang the best generally range between dress-goods and drapery fabrics. Coordinated sheets from a bedding ensemble are excellent and can inexpensively complete the decor of any bedroom. Upholstery weights are generally too heavy. Sheer fabrics allow a view of the insulating components. Loose weaves don't have the body for which we are looking. Other than that, use your creativity. You can feel free to use non-traditional items such as screen prints, quilted fabrics, or your own designs. Think of the Roman Quilt Insulated Shade as "Movable Art". For more about this, please read: DIY Roman Shades - Movable Art.

Let Your Mind Run Free

Thank you S.S. for your inspiring movable art!! Believe it or not
these are roman shades!!