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Roman Shade Orbs 5 pack
Orbs - 5 pk
Our Price: $2.79
Replace the knots with orbs. These ingenious new additions to the roman shade arsenal of products allow the replacement of the knots that normally connect each lift cord to their lift or lowest rings with positive connections that are adjustable. They hold very tightly but allow fine tuning of the lift cords without having to re-tie knots. Orbs can be great time savers and can make perfect adjustments simple. Use one per lift cord.

Hint: To assure orbs do not "slide" off cord when installed, you may opt to tie a knot at the bottom of each cord (below the bottom ring) or loop the cord that is installed through the orb around and through the orb again. This latter method allows readjustment of the orb location if desired.

5 Pack at discounted price.
Roman Shade Cord Condenser/Connector 5 Pack
Cord Connector - 5 pack
Our Price: $2.99
Connecting lift cords to the pull cord is now even easier with our newest Cord Connector. Our Cord Connector is a new type of cord condenser that provides an alternative to our standard cord condenser. The Cord Connector provides a positive, strong connection that can handle a lot of stress and force. Like our original Condenser, the connector allows the multiple 1.4mm lift cords to be combined with a single 1.8mm pull cord for easy lifting. This arrangement is simple, safer, and more attractive than multiple cords hanging from your shade. It translates the rugged lifting of the 1.4mm lift cords to the simple but strong 1.8mm pull cord.

Sold in packages of 5 at discount
Sew On Roman Shade Rings - Clear 50 pk
Our Clear Roman Quilt Sew-On Rings are selected to provide years of trouble free operation. They are manufactured for us by a company that takes pride in providing a better quality product. They are approximately 5/8" outside diameter.

Clear Rings are available in packages of 50 at a quantity discount.
Roman Shade Cord Drops
Since the Roman Quilt Insulating Shades have only one 1.8mm cord to pull, simple, non-intrusive Cord Drops are all that are called for. Our Cord Drops coordinate with our lift cords and are simple yet effective. They are vase-shaped, white and long-lasting plastic and are heavy enough to do their job but light enough to not damage walls or molding.

Purchase in packs of 5 for additional savings.
Screw Eyes
Screw Eyes Pack- 10 PK
Our Price: $4.49
Srew Eyes are 13/32" inside diameter. They can be used instead of cord pulleys. However, there is a bit more cord friction making the shade more difficult to lift and there is more cord-wear. We use them in our custom shades as the last cord-guide before the cord lock.

They are sold individually (each)
Cord Cleat
The Roman Quilt Cord Cleat is a part of the operating and safety system of the Roman Quilt Insulated Shade. We provide it in lucite and it nearly seems to disappear. It is 3 inches long and comes complete with installation screws. In our experience, this is one of the least visible and most durable Cord Cleats available. It is sized to work very well with the 1.8mm pull cord.

Purchase 5 pks for the quantity price. Supplied with 10 screws at no additional cost.
Roman Shade and Blind Cord Pulley 5 pack
Cord Pulleys - 5 pks
Our Price: $8.49
Our Roman Quilt Insulated Shade Cord Pulleys are a joy to use. They assure easy, smooth lifting of the shade and provide reduced wear of the lifting cords. We selected them to assure that your shade will last for a long, long time. Other products utilize lesser pulleys or even screw eyes. Not Roman Quilt. Better quality makes for easier use and longer life.

Now Available in packages of 5 at the quantity discount.
Roman Shade Lift Cord 1.4mm
The lift cord is the item that you will rely upon mostly as you operate your shade. It takes the brunt of the workload so it has to be quality. Our Roman Quilt 1.4mm lift cord is the cord that will be strung throughout the shade (and through the loops of the Safety Shroud). It is color matched to the Roman Quilt lining fabrics and to the rings. It is manufactured so as to provide a smooth operations. Each cord can lift more than 100 pounds.

1.4mm Braided Cord w/Filler


.052" (1.32mm)

130# tensile strength

The 1.4 mm Lift Cord is also available in full yards at $0.60 per yard.

Roman Shade Cord Locks
Cord Locks - 5 pks
Our Price: $11.99
Our Roman Shade cord locks are specifically manufactured for this application. They can accommodate up to 4 lift cords (and even more if you'd like). Our cord locks provide a positive lock at any lift position. For safety design, we recommend combining the cord locks with cord cleats to provide a means to secure the free hanging cords out of the reach of children. Cord cleats are not necessary for the lifting of the shade when cord locks are used.